K.C. Kent Lloyd, DVM, PhD

K.C. Kent Lloyd, DVM, PhD

Position Title

Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases
SOM: Surgery
University of California, Davis

Research Interests: Genome engineering and editin, Assisted reproduction technologies, Precision animal models of disease


Dr. Lloyd is a veterinary scientist with expertise in embryo manipulation, genome-wide mutagenesis, and comprehensive phenotyping of the laboratory mouse. His primary research focuses on development mouse models of human disease, genome editing, and preservation and resuscitation of genetically altered mice. Dr. Lloyd serves as the Director of the UC Davis Mouse Biology Program.

Assisted Reproduction

Dr. Lloyd designs mouse models of human disease using transgenics, ES cell targeting, and CRISPR/Cas9 -based genome editing technologies. He also conducts studies to develop improved means to preserve and resuscitate mutant mouse strains.  The rate at which genetically-altered mouse strains are being created is exceeding the rate at which these strains can be studied in hypothesis-based biomedical research.  To keep these strains alive as breeding colonies places them at risk of disease, genetic drift, and catastrophic loss.  Several new methods for preservation of mouse embryos, germplasm, ovaries, and somatic tissues are being developed which ensures that a strain discontinued as a live colony can be recovered at a later time.  Dr. Lloyd works on new methods for preserving sperm, including cryopreservation, freeze-drying, and evaporative drying, and the requisite techniques to ensure resuscitation by IVF and ICSI.  Dr. Lloyd is also working on methods to enhance and improve somatic cell cloning as a means to preserve mouse strains that can be maintained as frozen pieces of somatic tissue from which nuclei can be recovered and used for intracytoplasmic nuclear injection (ICNI) to resuscitate the mouse strain.

Mouse Biology and Mutagenesis

The UC Davis Mouse Biology Program has multiple component laboratories, including the Murine Molecular Constructs Laboratory, the Murine Targeted Genomics Laboratory, the Murine Genetic Analysis Laboratory, the Murine Cryopreservation and Recovery Laboratory, and the Murine Stem Cell Laboratory. Dr. Lloyd is engaged in technology development to enhance the resources, services, products, and procedures available through the Mouse Biology Program and the associated NIH-funded projects, including the Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center (MMRRC), the Knockout Mouse Production and Phenotyping (KOMP2) projects, and the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center.