Awarded Project: "KOMP2-Phase 2 Production and Phenotyping by the DTCC Consortium"

KOMP2-Phase 2 Production and Phenotyping by the DTCC Consortium

Dr. K.C. Kent Lloyd received a 5 year grant from the Office of the Directory, NIH.  The DTCC KOMP2-Phase2 project will create and study knockout mouse models for at least 1,500 human genes. The models and data we produce will significantly add to what we currently know about the normal function of genes in healthy development and life and the consequences of gene dysfunction (also called mutation) that often cause human disease. To ensure the broadest use of the resources and data to scientists, the DTCC will actively engage in outreach efforts to make models, phenotyping data, and our support to use them readily available and easily accessible to the research community. In addition, the research and technology development proposed by the DTCC will greatly increase the potential of our models as tools for translational research to directly impact and improve our understanding of human health and disease, and discover new therapeutic opportunities to improve human health.

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