Core Services

The Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases (CIID) operates two Core facilities that serve the campus community as well as those around the world:

The Mouse Biology Program:

Mouse Biology Program LogoThe Mouse Biology Program (MBP) is an interdisciplinary group of scientists and staff from across the UC Davis campus engaged in the development and application of genetically-altered mouse models for biomedical research in the post-genomic era. MBP accomplishes this mission by providing specialized services and conducting discovery research that expands knowledge on the biology of laboratory mice and that reveals the genetic basis of disease pathways. The MBP offers services that enables and facilitates mouse biology research "from concept through creation" using dedicated, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, technologies, vivaria, and veterinary services. The MBP has created an enriched environment for education and training of students, post-docs, and faculty investigators utilizing genetically-altered mice in research. The MBP receives administrative support from the Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases.

The Center for Genomic Pathology Laboratory:

Center for Genomic Pathology Laboratory LogoThe Center for Genomic Pathology Laboratory is located in the Research 1 Building at the Sacramento Medical Center, Room 3109 and provides expert histology and pathology services on a recharge basis. We provide tissue processing/sectioning, routine and special tissue staining,  immunohistochemistry, whole slide scanning, database hosting, help with quantitative image analysis and pathology consulting services.