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Christine Herkenrath

Assistant Director- Administration

Christine Herkenrath manages the Center for Comparative Medicine’s (CCM) administrative and fiscal activities, including budget control, resource planning, oversight of research programs and organizational/operational improvements.  Ms. Herkenrath also provides leadership and guidance for the Mouse Biology Program.

Debra Heras

Human Resources & Business Office Manager

Debra Heras is the lead manager for all human resource activity within the Center for Comparative Medicine and the Mouse Biology Program.  Ms. Heras also manages all administrative functions of the main business office.

Nicole Drazenovich , MS, RBP, CBSP

Safety/Facility Coordinator

Niki Drazenovich facilitates all training to make sure everyone working at CCM is in compliance with state and federal regulations, she sets up and maintains shared equipment and services, coordinates all facility repairs and upgrades, and is in charge of equipment and space inventory.

Tony Bico

IT Manager

Tony is the CCM’s Network Administrator and is responsible for planning, design and implementation, managing, and support of all computing needs. Tony is also responsible for data backups, disaster recovery, network security, and ensuring that CCM is under campus Cyber Safety compliance.

Tina Palomino

Account Manager

Tina Palomino is the CCM’s account manager and is responsible for all fiscal activity.

Sally Singh-Vidal

Contract and Grants and Purchasing Assistant

Sally Singh-Vidal is responsible for all pre-award contract and grant activity as well as all purchasing activity within the CCM.

Kassie Woltmon

Payroll/Accounting Assistant

Kassie Woltmon is responsible for all payroll, travel, entertainment, event planning, seminar and training grant administrative activities.

Stephen J. McSorley, PhD

Interim Director and Professor

SVM: Anatomy, Physiology & Cellular Biology
Center for Comparative Medicine

Research Interest:  T Cells in the Context of Infection