The CIID Mission embraces the concept of "One Medicine" through interdisciplinary comparative medical research, teaching, and model development. Its research mission is to investigate the pathogenesis of human disease, using experimental animal models and naturally occurring animal diseases. CIID research programs facilitate its teaching mission of comparative medical training at the professional, graduate and post-graduate levels. CIID faculty expertise and programs in integrative biology provide animal model development, validation, and collaborative support to the general scientific community.

Message from the Director

Stephen J. McSorley, PhD
Stephen J. McSorley, PhD
Professor and Director
(530) 752-3414

Welcome to the University of California Davis Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases (CIID). It is my privilege to be the Director of this unique research and teaching center that exemplifies a strong partnership between the medical and veterinary professions. We are composed of ten core faculty members, each with appointments in five different academic departments of the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, but their offices and laboratories are co-localized within the CIID. Our faculty members encompass an eclectic mix of professional degree disciplines (DVM, MD, and/or PhD), model systems and expertise that facilitate collaborative thinking which creates a diverse training environment for our graduate students. Our collaborative spirit extends far beyond the walls of our Center, with faculty and students interacting in many other programs and centers on campus, as well as nationally and internationally. Our 10 core faculty members have extramurally funded programs that support over 175 research faculty, students and staff. The CIID is a true manifestation of the "One Medicine-One Health" concept in its very best sense.