Dr. K.C. Kent Lloyd was recently awarded a five year, $6.5 million, competitive renewal of the NIH Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center (MMRRC) grant, U42OD012210.   The MMRRC National Consortium serves a primary role in ensuring that valuable mouse models of human disease, development, and behavioral abnormalities created in research laboratories are shared broadly among the biomedical scientific community. As one of 4 regional repositories and distribution centers in the Consortium, the MMRRC-UCD provides expertise, infrastructure, resources and services to preserve mouse strains in perpetuity, protect them from catastrophic loss, avoid genetic and phenotypic drift, and prevent pathogenic contamination and disease. By enabling availability and access of such valuable mouse models to the entire research community, the MMRRC-UCD fosters and promotes the discovery of new diagnostics, treatments, and prevention strategies against human diseases.  For more information about the MMRRC program please visit mmrrc.ucdavis.edu.