Center for Genomic Pathology Laboratory

The Center for Genomic Pathology Laboratory  provides expert histology and pathology services on a recharge basis. We provide tissue processing/sectioning, routine and special tissue staining, immunohistochemistry, whole slide scanning, database hosting, help with quantitative image analysis and pathology consulting services.  Please see the following list for individual rates:

DescriptionCampus RateOff-Campus Rate
H&E Per Slide$6.00$8.90
H&E From Tissue Per Slide$15.00$22.25
H&E From Block Per Slide$10.00$14.83
Recut of Single Slide$5.00$7.42
Recut of Same Block$1.00$1.48
Embedding (standard)$5.00$7.42
Embedding from Cell Pellet$16.00$23.73
SpecialStain #1$16.00$23.73
Special Stain #2$18.00$26.69
Special Stain #3$23.00$34.11
lmmunohistochemistry 1 st Slide (Routine)$55.00$81.57
lmmunohistochemistry Add'l Slide (Routine)$17.00$25.21
lmmunohistochemistry (Basic Work-up)$233.00$345.54
lmmunohistochemistry (Advance Add-on)$101.00$149.78
lmmunohistochemistry Antibody Pass Through$1.00$1.48
Special Procedures - Basic$54.00$80.08
Special Procedures - Advanced$56.00$83.05
Whole Slide lmaging$17.00$25.21
Necropsy/Surgery Per Hour$61.00$90.46
Database Annotation Fee$64.00$94.91

For project specific quotes/estimates or for more information please contact Ed Hubbard via email at