Blunt Duct Adenosis

This entity appears in the histologic preparation as a cluster of bigger structures, so pathologists called it ductal. However, the microarchitecture showed it to be an abnormal terminal duct lobular unit. The conventional pathologic names of these have been retained here.

      8 x
      Histobank ID #1657
In this slice a curving duct (D) is noted. At the arrow a terminal duct is seen from which a primitive lobule arises resembling a bunch of bananas.
6.3 x   25 x
  Histobank ID #1658
The corresponding histologic slide shows large irregular ductules. The arrow points to the terminal duct.
  Histobank ID #1659
At higher magnification the irregular coarser ductules show slight ingrowth into the lumens. This is called BLUNT DUCT ADENOSIS (BDA). Most pathologists consider BDA a benign condition but some consider it the earliest precancerous lesion to ductal carcinoma.

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